What do the Toongabbie CFA Juniors do?

What can you expect from the Junior Volunteer Development Program (JVDP)?

The Toongabbie JVDP program provides a fun, safe and challenging environment for Junior members to learn the basics of being a volunteer with CFA.

This includes learning to use the fire-fighting equipment, map reading, radio communication, fire-ground safety, fire behaviour and much more! Whilst Junior members are trained in using firefighting equipment they are not exposed to any live fire.

Must be aged over 11 and under 16 years to join the program.

Contact Details

For more information contact Cassandra on 0411 422 173 or email cassandra.tolsma@members.cfa.vic.gov.au

Term dates can be found here: https://toongabbie.vic.au/cfa/

Feel free to come along and give it a try! There are lots of photos in this article to provide an overview of what CFA Juniors do.

Head to the CFA website for more information: https://www.cfa.vic.gov.au/volunteers-careers/volunteer-with-cfa/junior-volunteers



You don’t even need to buy a uniform! CFA provides personal protective clothing and equipment for all juniors (overalls, gloves, helmets), we only ask that Junior members wear steel capped boots (we do have spare boots that can be borrowed).

So what do the Toongabbie CFA Juniors do?

Toongabbie CFA Juniors learn hoses skills, communication and teamwork. Toilet paper is used to represent fire with no live fire used.
Toongabbie CFA Juniors learn about different features of the appliance such as the crew protection system.
Toongabbie CFA Juniors learn different ways to protect assets
Toongabbie CFA Juniors have the opportunity to join CFA training events to expand their skills.
The Juniors Leaders take great care to ensure all young people are supported and learning every session.

This is only a small sample of what CFA Juniors do during the program but we hope it provides you with an idea of the fun, engaging and supportive program that we run. Contact details are above and please don’t hesitate to get in touch!