Our name is the 'Friends of the Toongabbie Wetlands Inc.

The Committee was formed in 2002 out of concern for the presentation of the entry to the town of Toongabbie, which after the railway line was closed and removed twenty-four years ago, left us with the legacy of a large area of unused land in the middle of the town which had become environmentally degraded.

To see the amenity of this area improved in an environmentally friendly way.

To provide visitors to the site with the opportunity to appreciate the natural and historic features in an amenable and pleasant setting, and be provided with suitable facilities to enhance their experience.

A concept sketch plan can be downloaded via this link

The Wetlands is situated on the Gippsland Plains Rail Trail which crosses over Toongabbie creek, main road and in close proximity to the Rail Trail Inn.
The car-park can be accessed from the Traralgon-Maffra Road next to the CFA station.

Picnic tables, carpark, information shelter, walking tracks, grassed spaced and beautiful surrounds.

Toilets are located at the Village Green (Cowen St).

Completed Works

The site has been dramatically cleaned up with West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority removing the willows from along the creek and lots of working bees over the years.

The original pond has been deepened and smaller ponds added. Many trees have been planted, the grass is mown and noxious weeds are sprayed on a regular basis.

A car park to provide parking for up to 30 cars has been established.

A shelter has been established which  provides interpretive signage as a means of conveying information of a historical nature with regard to the original Toongabbie railway site and to acknowledge funding support for the Wetlands development.

We have created pathways and installed seating in an endeavour to create not only an aesthetically attractive area but also to encourage the use of the area for recreational and educational purposes.

Future works

The wooden seats are presently being replaced with recycled plastic seats. Four have recently been replaced with two more to be installed in the near future.

We meet regularly to maintain the area, keeping it free of weeds, fallen limbs and sticks.

Future projects may include a boardwalk, bird hide and sampling platform.

Would you like to know more? Why not speak to someone in the committee (details at bottom of page) or have a look at the Future Plan.

Or learn more about environmental landcare interests for our area via Cowwarr Landcare.

In the past, children from the local Toongabbie School undertook the Bug Blitz program during which they researched water quality and did a census of bugs from the Wetlands ponds.

Friends of the Toongabbie Wetlands Inc

The Committee has been incorporated through the V.F.F./Landcare organisation

The Committee meets:

2.00pm. on the second Thursday of the month at the Mechanics Institute Hall.

We would welcome new members with open arms.

If interested contact:
Barb Fulton (Secretary) on 0428924718
Philip O’Malley (President) on 0419110057


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