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Firewood Collection

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If you need further assistance, please call the DSE Customer Service Centre on 136 186


Rules for collecting firewood:

-  Only collect firewood from within a designated firewood collection area during collection seasons.       

-  Only collect firewood for personal use and abide by maximum volume limits.                                       

-  Only collect fallen timber                                                                                                               

-  Leave logs with hollows and logs growing moss and fungi.                                                               

-  Do not collect firewood within 20 metres of a watercourse.

-  Do not cut, break off, or harm standing trees or shrubs (living or dead) -  Do not drive your vehicle off roads or tracks.

-  Do not use chainsaws on days of Total Fire Ban.

-  Do not enter the forest on days of Code Red Fire Danger rating.

-  Use only chainsaws fitted with a proper exhaust and spark arrester.

-  Do not use heavy machinery such as log splitters, saw benches, tractors or vehicles and  trailers with a carrying capacity over 2 tonnes.

-  Do not tow or winch timber along the ground.

-  Refill chainsaw oil and fuel in your trailer or tray of your truck.

-  Take all litter with you when you leave



Please take care of yourself and others at all times when collecting firewood. In particular:
-  avoid collecting firewood when conditions are wet, windy or hot

-  assess your work area for hazards before you start work

-  avoid working near hazards -  avoid working alone or with children

-  use well maintained equipment

-  be trained and competent in the use of firewood collection equipment (including chainsaws)

-  wear appropriate safety clothing and equipment

-  carry a first aid kit

Please refer to WorkSafe Victoria for more information on safety in forest operations.
Hazards found in designated firewood collection areas may include but are not limited to:
  • broken overhead branches
  • dead standing trees
  • uneven or slippery ground conditions
  • vehicles
  • mine shafts
  • snakes and stinging insects  

DSE conducts regular patrols of designated firewood collection areas.

Please ensure you abide by collection conditions as penalties may apply.